Technical Support

Weather Radar Pro

for Windows 8

Version 1.0

Animated weather radar with watch/warning boxes, global hurricane tracking, and cloud overlays. Radar includes storm attributes - arrows indicating the direction of travel, and icons indicating the location and size of hail, mesocyclones, and tornadic vortex signatures that indicate the presence of rotation in supercells and possible tornados.

Click on hail, mesocyclone, or tvs icons to view the storm attribute table for that particular storm cell. Storm attribute table includes information about hail size, probability of hail, cloud top height, vertically integrated liquid, and more.

Overlay animated radar over GOES satellite imagery, view global temperature data, or view global sea-level pressure with isobars. Radar imagery covers contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Warnings and storm attributes include Puerto Rico. Hurricane data is global and includes all the oceans of the world.

  • Animated radar data with cloud overlays
  • Watch/warning boxes for all warning types
  • Hail size estimates
  • Mesocyclones and tornadic vortex signatures
  • Storm direction indicated by arrows
  • Hurricane tracking with forecast for storms around the world
  • GOES satellite data with optional radar overlay
  • Global sea-level pressure map with isobars
  • Global temperature data
  • Timestamped radar
  • Live Tile